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A tasty bite with less CO2

Audu is cheese, legumes, rapeseed- and coconut oil.
The cheese taste you love – with less CO2.

40pct less co2e than traditional grated cheese
Audu cheeses

Audu is cheese, legumes, coconut- and rapeseed oil.
The cheese taste you love – with less CO2.

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With Audu, it’s quite simple. You don’t have to compromise on your taste, nutrition, or the way you like to enjoy cheese. Or your desire to make a difference.

Take a bite that contributes to making a small difference. For you and for the coming generation. Now, there’s a bright future in that.

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The great taste from cheese – and less CO2 from plants

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Reducing CO2 one bite at a time

What, how, why?
Questions about Audu

What does Audu mean?

Audu is inspired by the first being in Norse mythology, Auðumbla. Auðumbla means the 'milk-rich cow,' which was a primeval cow that provided milk to the giant Ymir. From Ymir's body, the world was formed. Auðumbla licked Buri out of a salt lick – he was a primeval giant and the ancestor of the gods. He was the father of Borr, and when Borr married Bestla, together they had Odin, Vili, and Ve, some of the most prominent of gods.

Auðumbla's role in Norse mythology highlights the theme of creation, as she indirectly contributed to the emergence of the divine and the formation of the cosmos.

How do you reduce CO2?

The plant-based component in our products emits significantly less CO2 in their production than the animal-based part. This reduces the product's overall CO2 profile. The first Audu products have a minimum of 40% less CO2 content compared to equivalent cheeses that are 100% animal-based.

How do you calculate CO2?

We have chosen to collaborate with CarbonCloud, an independent organization that provides CO2 calculations using a scientific method. We will always link our CO2 declarations to CarbonCloud or another independent third party. All aspects of the product's manufacturing are included in its CO2 impact. This means that feed, agriculture, production, and transportation/storage are accounted for in the entire value chain. Read more about Carbon Cloud here

Is Audu as nutritional as cheese made from 100% cow milk?

We have carefully selected the ingredients we use to maintain a high and diverse protein content. Audu contains both animal protein from cheese and plant protein from legumes and has a fat content that is on par with similar types of cheese. Audu's products are comparable to other cheeses in terms of nutrition and are a valuable addition to a healthy and varied diet.

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